Google Search Console

Google offers a free service called the Google search console for maintaining, troubleshooting, and monitoring the total website presence in the result of Google. It has to identify how the site is working and gives alerts when there is any indexing for spamming taking place. It also shows which sitesare linked to your website.

Does Google Search Console help SEO?

Google Search Engine Console is at present among the most advantageous SEO tools. The best part about it is that it is free. It benefits SEO by optimizing your content. You get alerted on important issues and can fix them at the earliest. You will also develop better understanding on how your pages appear on Google when someone searches for relevant information.

What’s the difference between Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

There is a striking difference between Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics is primarily user-oriented, offering data about people who interact with or visit your website. Google Search Console, on the contrary, focuses on the search engine, providing insights and tools that enable site owners to improve their visibility along with presence.

How does Googlesee my page?

In the first place, Google gets to know about the website once it gets published on the internet. But Google is restricted to see a piece of information that is blocked by robots.txt and it crawls the internet to identify a web page. Then Google takes a look at the title of the web page, then the description but it cannot see the images. It checks the images by going through the alt tags. Lastly, Google looks at the content and identifies the authenticity and then judges its ranking.