Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

Off-page SEO is a technique of increasing the website ranking. It is not only associated with link building, but goes beyond this. In this technique, our work takes place outside the actual website. In this type of SEO commenting on other blogs and guest posting is a part. This further helps in creating backlinks for your blog.

How does off-site SEO work?

Off-page SEO or off-site SEO basically refers to those actions that you take outside of your website, but they indirectly enhance your rankings on results of the search engine. In simple words, off-page SEO lets Google know the opinion of others regarding your website. Some common off-page SEO activities are brand mentions, social networking, broken link building, and commenting.

Why is SEO Link Building important?

SEO link building is significant because it plays a key role in how Google will rank your web pages. So, all smart bloggers give importance to SEO link building. The benefit of investing time on building backlinks is that your relationship with peers will improve and you’ll invite a lot more traffic to your own site.

Link Building

Link building is basically the activity of building hyperlinks or backlinks to a particular website for improving the results of search engine. Link building gives credibility to your website. It offers more revenue opportunities as well as betters sales. Google rely on links to rank websites. Backlinks help you enhance web traffic.